At MIDA Industries, we are committed to:

(1) Consistently delivering the highest level of service possible

  • Our people are our strength: we associate with employees who take pride in what they do and provide them the flexibility, training and tools they need to confidently serve each MIDA customer with the highest and most adapted care
  • We maintain a supportive work environment where each employee is encouraged to share ideas and empowered to implement them. This forms the basis of our company's ability to adapt to changes in the cleaning industry and to stay at the forefront of our customers' evolving needs.
  • We stay abreast of our customers' present needs and future requirements through the incorporation of regularly scheduled interim maintenance visits in our program. This allows the client to constantly maintain the appearance of their facilities as well as to lower or delay replacement cost, which directly affects their return on investment.
  • We improve clients' tenant retention by communicating to occupants the steps we are taking to improve their work environment. As a result, the client benefits from lower rates of absenteeism and work related injuries.
  • We evaluate key factors to maximize our clients' economic benefits and hence directly and positively impact their bottom line.

(2) Being eco-responsible

  • We are committed to minding our shared environment and doing business responsibly.
  • We focus on Cleaning for Health, using environmentally-friendly materials and applying the Green Cleaning approach to maintain a healthy work environment.
  • Our commitment to the environment is not only reflected in our own business practices, cleaning procedures and the products that we use but also in our efforts to address our customers' own needs for sustainability.

(3) Ensuring safety and quality assurance in all our undertakings

  • We recognize that safety and quality assurance are central to any business but are especially important in our industry
  • We are a Better Business Bureau accredited company and hold a wide-range of industry-specific licenses, permits and memberships.
  • All MIDA services are carried out by appropriately-trained, experienced, bonded and insured staff.